Sign Up For Direct Deposit

To enroll in direct deposit for student refunds, log on to MySlice:

Select ‘View Student Account’ under the ‘Finances’ section

Bursar DD1

Select View Direct Deposit

Bursar DD2

Complete the non-payroll bank information requested and hit SAVE.

Bursar DD3

There are a few details we would like to bring to your attention before you enroll:

  • You may only set up direct deposit to one account (checking or savings). We are unable to split the amount between multiple accounts.
  • The direct deposit must be made to a United States bank.
  • Your name (student) must be on the account receiving the direct deposit.
  • Once processed and approved by the Bursar Office, the direct deposit will take 2 business days to post to your bank account.
  • You will receive an email at your address once the funds are in your bank account.
  • Refunds created by a Parent PLUS loan must be made payable to the parent securing the loan and cannot be direct deposited unless parental permission has been given in writing to the Bursar’s Office.