Make A Payment

Syracuse University is pleased to offer several payment options to our students. (All electronic payments must be made through MySlice.)

You may pay directly from your U.S based checking or savings account via electronic funds transfer (EFT.)

If you would like to pay with your credit card, payment by MasterCard, VISA or Discover is available. Please note: NelNet Business Solutions, an independent third party contractor, accepts payments to the Bursar account on behalf of the University and charges a non-refundable convenience fee based on the amount charged. The convenience fee is 2.7% of the amount charged. This fee is established and charged solely by NelNet Business Solutions and not by the University. The convenience fee is paid in full to and retained by NelNet Business Solutions; the University does not receive any of this fee. The charge for the convenience fee will appear separately from the payment on your credit card statement.

International Students

Syracuse University has partnered with two companies that provide an innovative and streamlined way to make international  payments. Using Flywire or Western Union Business Solutions offer some advantages over a traditional wire transfer such as:

  • There are no hidden bank fees
  • Typically, you save on exchange rates
  • There are multiple payment options and currencies to choose from
  • 24×7 multilingual customer support by chat, Skype, email, and telephone
  • It is faster than traditional wire transfers (2-3 business days)
  • You can track the status of your payment online

All charges must be paid in full on the billing due date established by the University for each bill. Failure to make payments by the due date could result in late payment fees or the cancellation of classes.